About Us



Our Philosophy

Is all about having the right product for the application. We understand the need for custom products, as “one size” certainly does not fit all. When an “off the shelf” offering is just not quite right, we will develop and manufacture that niche product that gets the job done the way it should be.


Our view is that given the time and effort invested in the design and drill process, the right explosive should be used to get the desired results. We believe that there will always be a way to get to the right product for the application.


Our manufacturing plant was therefore set up with low volume production runs in mind. The plant itself is very versatile and can be set up very quickly to manufacture the special needs of our customers. Niche products are the essence of our manufacturing plant.


Our Products

Are all manufactured on site in Kalgoorlie from a number of imported and locally produced raw materials. Products are manufactured on receipt of order, and thus the longest possible shelf life is available to the customer. Lead times are also kept to the bare minimum, meaning your special needs are not delayed by complex supply chains.


If you know you have a situation coming up that requires something a little different, please give us a call – we’d like to develop the product that will specifically handle your blasting situation.


Our People

Are all very experienced in all facets of the explosives industry. From product and equipment design and development, through field testing and final regulatory approval, we’ve got it covered.


Mariana kaker

Mariana is a qualified chemist with a vast amount of experience in explosives development and manufacture. With her formal training, laboratory based product development knowledge, and, most importantly, in field delivery of the final product, she has the proven ability to design and deliver the right product for the customer need.


Duncan Minto

Duncan gained the vast majority of his mining experience in underground mining operations, before moving into the explosives industry. Here he gained an understanding of product development, procurement, logistics and process improvement.


And whilst we have vastly differing backgrounds, one thing that we all agree on is that without a satisfied customer, we won’t have a business. For us, it really is “all about the customer”.